Space is the New Economic Frontier

Pushing the boundaries of Technology in Space

SpaceUp Tech is a research and development initiative dedicated to accelerating innovation in the space industry.

  • providing actionable intelligence and disruptive technology solutions to nurture next-generation space initiatives;

  • proposing recommendations on issues related to space law, policy and security to ensure the provision of security for explorers and assets in space.

Working Areas

Real-world Applications

Solving real world problems on Earth and beyond through emerging technologies: AI, blockchain technology and Earth observation Data.

Space Law & Policy

Investigating legal and regulatory challenges faced by the space community and addressing current and future issues to unlock tremendous potential of the New Space economy.

Governance Models

Experimenting new approaches to the governance of a fair and sustainable society through automated trust and guaranteed execution.

Recent initiatives

Data Analytics Solutions
Strengthening hardware capabilities and security by tokenizing ground-space communications with space-based sensor networks.

Satellite commercialization | AgroTech | Geolocalization | Farming | Insurance

Commercial Space Activites
Democratising access to space by tokenizing commercial space projects and revamping commercial space launch licensing regimes and streamlining regulatory activities to empower emerging space ventures.

Transport | Exploration| Logistic | Tourism

Space Property Rights
Expanding opportunities and protections for private space companies looking to mine near-Earth asteroids through legal framework enabling private entities to assert ownership over extracted resources, as well as the right to operate without interference.

New Energy | Future Markets | Space Resource Mining

Autonomous Satellite System
Developing autonomous with the ability to autonomously recognize and dodge environmental threats, achieve more tasks and collect more data automatically.

Cyber Security | Observation | Space Task Force

New Space Economy
Democratising the economy of space by exploring new ways of partnering with a mix of crowdfunding projects, private, not-for-profit, and public actors to achieve new socio-economic impacts.

Open Space | Astropreneurship | Commercial Space Sector

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About SpaceUp Tech

SpaceUp Tech is a research and development initiative dedicated to accelerating innovation in the space industry.

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